Stuck in the middle with you

This is what it feels like when things change. Not just change, but seismic change. If you buy the argument that the pushback against all the happy handed studio executives, actors, and congressmen is a result of the bottled up anger against the man in the Whitehouse, then maybe things aren’t quite as bleak as they might seem.

Sure, we might end up in nuclear war with North Korea. Let’s ignore that for now.

And, to be sure, we really haven’t seen the worst of Trump yet. As few the professionals in the administration keep quitting in disgust, and the joint fills up with opportunists and sycophants, things may get much worse.

But again, we’re trying to stay positive here. Happy thoughts.

It seems possible that Orange Mussolini might just mobilize the part of the country that wants things to work differently. Not just for their side to win the election, but for the ground under all our feet to shift, permanently. Trump voters wanted that too, but in fundamentally different way. The dim bulbs that voted for comb over Hitler wanted to pull us back to a largely imaginary point in the past, where the change now feels like we’re being dragged forward, kicking and screaming to be sure, in the vague direction of a much, much better place.

The danger now is that we don’t pick a leader, an agent of this change that we want to see, that’s as big a fucking moron as the character trying like hell to drag us backwards.